Proposed Budget Allotments2012-2013 School Year
Because the Timberwolf Library Budget will not be set until the spring/summer of 2012, this document will be updated and finalized during the Summer of 2012.

Estimated Budget allotment per student for 2012-2013 school year: $4.50
Estimated Budget allotment from district: $3,718
Estimated extra funds: $500 (from fines, school-wide fundraisers, etc), $1500 (Library fundraisers), $500 (intervention funds and funds donated from other departments for subject area specific materials)
Estimated grant funds: unknown

Percentage of Budget alloted for Library Usage Goal: 7-10%
Percentage of Budget alloted for Collection Development Goal: 70% (plus extra funds from grants, fundraisers, intervention funds, and donated funds) Because it is the most widely used portion of the collection, 10% of this will be reserved for developing the fiction collection.
Percentage of Budget alloted for 21st Century Skills Goal: 7-10% (plus funds possibly granted from district technology)
Percentage of Budget alloted for daily library maintenance: 10-15%

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