Timberwolf Library Policies and Procedures Manual
The following explanations, documents, and links outline the policies of the Timberwolf library and how they align with district and state policies. Whenever possible, links are provided to guiding documents.

Click on the following link to view the Mesa County School District #51 Library Policies and Procedures Manual 2010-2011 (D51 Lib PP Manual)

Timberwolf Intellectual Freedom Policy
The Tiberwolf library staff believes in the inherent right to read what one chooses. While we do not guarantee to have within the collection every available title on every possible subject, we will work to ensure that patrons have access to a wide variety of viewpoints and expressions on various positions, regardless of their popularity. The collection of the Timberwolf library will not be influenced by the personal opinions of the library staff in terms of issues, authors or works. We will work to ensure that all materials within the collection are age appropriate, but will not restrict members of the school community from seeking information on topics based on age or percieved maturity level. We will honor the right of all members of the school community to freedom of thought, and strive to ensure that the Timberwolf library remains a safe environment for patrons to explore, research and think critically about literature, authors and issues.
Based on the following documents:
The Freedom to Read Statement provided in the D51 Lib PP Manual pgs 12-14
The ALA Freedom To Read Statement
The Learner's Bill of Rights

Timberwolf Library Privacy Statement

The Timberwolf library staff will not disclose patron information to third parties unless in accordance with Colorado State law as stated in the Colorado State Revised Statues (wording found on page 11 of the D51 Lib PP Manual, link above). This means the Timberwolf library staff will not release identifying information about circulation to any third party, with the exception of parents' of minors.

Timberwolf Library Circulation Policy and Guidelines

The following policies are based on the approved district policies as outlined in the D51 Lib PP Manual, pgs. 16 & 19
While there is no limit to how many books a patron can check out at a time, the library staff reserves the right to withhold checkout on a patron to patron basis. Common reasons for withholding checkout:
  • Multiple overdue books
  • Multiple lost books

Length of Checkout
Overdue Fines
Replacement Fines
Renewal Policy
General Collection
Two weeks (if due date is a non-attendance day, book will be due on first possible atendance day
$0.10 per day
$20 plus $5 processing fee*
unlimited renewals unless another patron has placed a hold on that title.
Book must be present to renew.
Two school days
$0.10 per day
Cost of the book plus $5 processing fee*
unlimited renewals unless another patron has placed a hold on that title. Book must be present to renew.
In-collection Textbooks
Two school days
$0.10 per day
Cost of textbook plus $5 processing fee*
unlimited renewals unless another patron has placed a hold on that title. Book must be present to renew.
Audiobooks & Playaways
Two weeks
$0.10 per day
$50 plus $5 processing fee*
Two consecutive renewals.
Audiobook or Playaway must be present to renew
Not available for check out
EBooks and Downloadable Audiobooks
Patrons have 7 days from the date of checkout to download the book.
*Fees applied after 30 days, all fees waived if book is returned in acceptable condition.

Damaged Book Policy - If a book is returned damaged, the responsible patron may lose certain library privileges, and may be assessed a repair fee. If a book is damaged beyond repair, patrons will be charged for a lost book (see Replacement Fee schedule above). All decisions regarding damaged books are at the discretion of the library staff. In cases of suspended or revoked library privileges, building administration and parents will be notified.

Inter-Library Loan Policy - If a title is not available in the Timberwolf Library collection, patrons may fill out an inter-library loan request. If the book is available within the District 51 Library network, the library staff will place and fill the request as soon as possible. Checkout, Fees and Renewal Policies apply as above.

Holding Policy - patrons may place a hold on any title in the Timberwolf Library collection. However, the library staff makes no guarantees as to the date by which a hold will be fulfilled.

Timberwolf Library Materials Selection Guidelines
It is the mission of the library staff at the Timberwolf Library to continually develop the entire collection to meet the dynamic needs of the entire school community. The Timberwolf Library Staff adheres to the development and maintenance guidelines established by School District 51 as outlined in the D51 PP Lib Manual, pgs. 30-34

Timberwolf Library Facilities Management Policy
General Use:
Library Hours of Operation: 7am to 3:30pm*
*Wednesdays - 7am to 2:40pm (library not available after school due to staff meetings)
Students are always welcome in the library before and after school, and during lunch (with a note from a core teacher) to:
  • Check in/out library books
  • Read
  • Work on homework, individually or as a group
  • Use the computers to work on school work
Students who do not maintain proper library behavior will lose library privileges.

Computer Use:
Use of library computers is guaranteed to any GMMS student for school related work who has a completed District 51 Responsible Use Agreement on file.
The computers are available before and after school and during lunch (see above) as well as during class (with a note from a teacher if not used by another class*)
*Teachers can sign up for library computer use via the Library Usage Calendar

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