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Timberwolf Library Mission Statement:The mission of the Timberwolf Library is to empower students to become information literate, inspire lifelong learning and foster a love of reading in a friendly, nurturing, and accessible environment.
Welcome to the Timberwolf Library Online Policies Manual. Here you will find all the information you need about a wide variety of topics including library policies, goals, procedures and policies. If you have a question about any of the topics within this website, please contact Suzanne Cucchetti at
Timberwolf Library Vision
Here you will find all information regarding the vision for the Timberwolf Library. Included here are policies and expectations for library staff as well as members of the Library Advisory Committee and the Library Advisory Committee norms, meeting times and expectations.

Timberwolf Library Goals and Strategic Plans
Every year the Librarian in cooperation with the Library Advisory Committee sets goals for the Timberwolf Library. These goals are in allignment with the School Improvement Plan as proposed by the adminstration and staff of Grand Mesa Middle School as well as in alignment with state goals and the Timberwolf Library Vision. Here you will find the Library goals for the next three school years.

Timberwolf Library Policies and Procedures
An excellent resource for the entire school community, the Policies and Procedures Manual outlines all library policies and how they align with district policies and procedures, as well as providing links for important documents and forms.